Estream - Lion King - Fate / Grand Order -Sacred Round Table Area Camelot- 1/7 Scale Figure

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PO Due Date: 02/07/2022

US Release Month: Dec-22



From "Fate / Grand Order -Sacred Round Table Area Camelot-" In the holy city of Camelot-Throne Room-, the Lion King who stands in front of the throne appears on a 1/7 scale!
Please enjoy the majestic appearance of the king who governs the holy city of Camelot.

Product Code

Barcode: 4580769940053

Product Details

Scale Size: 1/7 Scale
Series: Fate / Grand Order -Sacred Round Table Area Camelot-
Manufacturer: Estream
Case Pack: 2 PCS
US Release Month: Dec-22
Specification: PVC painted finished product 1/7 scale figurePKG Size (est): TBD
Item Code: ES94005

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