[R18+] BINDing Cattleya BINDing Creators Opinion 1/4 Scale Figure

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PO Due Date: 02/28/2022

US Release Month: Oct-22



Houtengeki designed a Succubus figure to succ the life out of you.
We present you this thiccylicious scale figure. Cattleya is an original character conceived by Houtengeki.
Her THICC hips and bazongas are filled with man's hopes and dreams to the brim.
Cattleya's alluring horns to punish the horny, wings to banish the horny, and seductive long tail to wrap the horny.
Are just among the the characteristics of a succubus that were recreated in this figure.

Her heart-shaped nipple stickies and crotch parts are of course cast-off.
Please spend a relaxing time at home with Cattleya while having that inimitable smile, you pervert

18+ ONLY

Product Code

Barcode: 4589890601130

Product Details

Scale Size: 1/4 Scale
Series: BINDing Creators Opinion
Manufacturer: BINDing
Case Pack: 4 PCS
US Release Month: Oct-22
Specification: PVC and ABS ; fully painted and assembled Size: 1/4 scale Total height: 30cm PKG Size (est): W35cm * D39cm * H21cm
Copyright: (C)方天戟
Item Code: BG60113

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