[R18+] BINDing - Kyoko Tsuyude - Outdoor Player 1/4 Scale Figure

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PO Due Date: 11/01/2021

US Release Month: Apr-22



Wildly exposed beautiful girl illustrated by Tony is now a 1/4 scale figure!!
This beautiful girl exposing herself in a wild manner is illustrated by Tony. It's now a 1/4 scale figure available for you to admire!!

The vermillion colored string is hidden beneath the thick coat she is holding. Take it off and it will reveal a slender physique you will surely love!
Don't you wanna enjoy the immoral scene with Kyoko?

The knee socks are made of cloth with a realistic texture. The coat and silicone bondage strings are removable for your wild fantasies...
Isn't it exciting how much fun you can have displaying her in different scenarios? It's completely up to you!

Do not fret and wait any longer! Make this the time of your life with Kyoko! 18+ ONLY

18+ ITEM

Product Code

UPC: 889075638000
Barcode: 4589890601000

Product Details

Scale Size: 1/4 Scale
Series: Outdoor Player
Manufacturer: BINDing
Case Pack: 4 PCS
US Release Month: Apr-22
Specification: PVC・ABS・Silicone (string) fully painted and assembledTotal height: 1/4 scaleHeight: 40cmIncluded: standPKG Size (est):W24cm * D21cm * H48cm
Copyright: (C)Tony
Item Code: BG60100

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