[R18+] native Chie Bridge Pose Ver. Original Character by Ishikei Scale Figure

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Release Date (Manufacturer) Aug-2023
US Arrival Dec-2023
PO Due Date 2022-08-30


Ishikei has outdone it again with Chie in a daring leaned back pose! "I want to be particular with her posing" was Ishikei's passionate desire when making the illustration. Chie Bridge Pose Ver. is the result of this ambition. Fabric only covers a miniscule of Chie's body. Nevertheless, just one glance is all it takes... That one glance will leave an impact larger than the 3rd and we guarantee that you won't stop looking at Chie. With a lot of Figures coming out. (*cough drafts) We hope that this new, bold, steaming hot erotic pose of Chie will make you look forward to more of our upcoming releases! Regardless of your enthusiasm in women anatomy or to Chie's beauty & appeal, the possibilities of these ideas are infinite. Chie's body and posing is just so cute and her expression is as loveable as her cake. Sculpt of the figure looks simple on a surface level, but it required huge amount of skill and dedication. Hiromitsu (Sculptor) and Hoshina Eimi (Painting) were the GOATs assigned with the task and are the best that we ever wished for in reproducing Chie. Chie in a modified bridge pose due to euophoria is a monumental beauty and we hope to spread this new culture all over the globe. Please treasure this piece as it will change the history in figure sculpting.

SKU N93301
Barcode 4562271933013
Release Date (Manufacturer) Aug-2023
US Arrival Dec-2023
PO Due Date 2022-08-30
Manufacturer Native
Copyright 石恵
R18+ Yes

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