Pre-order Policy

What is Pre-Ordering?
Pre-ordering is the process in which you purchase an item(s) before it is available with the understanding that it will be shipped later.

Why should I Pre-Order an item?
By pre-ordering with us, you are guaranteeing that you will get the item when it becomes available. While we do carry a wide variety of items, we do not carry all the items that we have for pre-order. By putting in your pre-order you are telling us that you are buying that item and we will buy it from the manufacturer and ship it to you. Some items have limited availability or stock, pre-order puts you on the waiting list to get the item when it becomes available.

Some important information regarding our pre-order policy:
  • Release dates are estimates of when the item will be released, not when the item will be shipped. For example, if an item has a release date for the end of May, it may take a few months for the item to reach our store from the manufacturer/distributor before we can ship it out.
  • Release dates are subject to change, possible delays, and cancellations.
  • If the item was cancelled by the manufacturer, we will issue a full refund for that item.
  • Pre-orders can be cancelled at any time before the Pre-order (P.O.) due date has passed. There will be a cancellation fee of 10%.
  • Pre-orders cannot be cancelled for any reason after the Pre-order (P.O.) due date has passed.
  • Pre-orders without Pre-order (P.O.) due dates cannot be cancelled.
  • Orders that are flagged as High Risk of Fraud will be cancelled within 3 days regardless of P.O. Due Date. There will be a 20% cancellation fee applied.
By placing a pre-order with BLYN Toys, you agree to our pre-order policy and all the above terms and conditions.