[R18+] BINDing Bountiful Year Moehime Union - Yuri & Stella 1/4 Scale Figure

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PO Due Date: 03/21/2022

US Release Month: Sep-22



Pave way for Moehime Union's mascots as they wish us a good year!!
Original illustration by erotically acclaimed illustrator Xin and co-produced by Solarain.
We offer you the official mascots of "Moehime Union", Yuri-chan and Stella-chan both in 1/4 scale!
The scene presented in the original illustration takes its inspiration from the origin of "Fai Chun" and how the practice of writing one on Chinese New Year started.
The Qi Pao scantily clads both girls, but with an impeccable amount of exposure seducing us their tender juicy assets.
Yuri-chan and Stella-chan's glamorous bodies were carefully modeled to leave an everlasting impact that'll make you want to display them as your Fai Chun for more Chinese New Years to come...
Of course this set includes "Furniture and Fixtures" which will assist you in posing those "Fixed Assets" when you are writing down that "Balance Sheet". Sheesh~
In addition both beauties' have their bare bodies as interchangeable parts, that means double the fireworks!
We wish you all a peaceful New Year and for more prosperous years to come. Gong Xi Fa Cai <3
Please don't forget to welcome and allow Yuri-chan and Stella-chan to be your helping hands in lighting up those fireworks of yours!
18+ ONLY

Product Code

Barcode: 4589890601246

Product Details

Scale Size: 1/4 Scale
Series: Moehime Union - Yuri & Stella
Manufacturer: BINDing
Case Pack: 2 PCS
US Release Month: Sep-22
Specification: PVC and ABS; fully painted and assembled Size: 1/4 scale Total height: 40cm PKG Size (est): W350*D370*H480mm
Copyright: (C)illustration by Xin
Item Code: BG60124

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