[R18+] BINDing Maple Tapestry Nekopara Tapestry

[R18+] BINDing Maple Tapestry Nekopara Tapestry

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PO Due Date: 04/18/2022

US Release Month: Sep-22



2nd daughter of Minazuki household now available as a tapestry!
Original illustration by Sayori of Maple is now available as a B2 sized tapestry!
*18+ ONLY

Product Code

Barcode: 4589890601291

Product Details

Series: Nekopara
Manufacturer: BINDing
Case Pack: 1 PCS
US Release Month: Sep-22
Specification: MaterialFPolyester SuedePrint methodFSublimation print¦ Upper and lower plastic pipes (Hanging string included)Size@F WidthF515‚‚@LengthF728‚‚ iB2 sizejPKG Size(est): TBD
Copyright: (C)NEKO WORKs All Rights Reserved.
Item Code: BG60129

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