[R18+] BINDing - Aika Kango - BINDing Creator's Opinion 1/4 Scale Figure

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PO Due Date: 09/07/2021

US Release Month: Feb-22



[It's time for check-up! Let's do things together]
This nurse bunny is the original design of the popular artist Suihei (線) and has been elaborately
transformed into a three-dimensional figure! Wearing her nurse costume, Aika is grinning as she examines you

Don't be fooled by her cuteness! The voluptuous parts of her you never knew are just underneath....
Of course, the adhesive plaster on her perky breasts and skimpy underwear are completely removable.

With her lifelike features, be enamored with the delicacy of how she was carefully painted..
Pretend play with her using the heart-designed stethoscope and syringe we have provided!

You can pair her up with [Yurina Nasu] who was previously out for sale,..and double the fun!

May you have the most breathtaking moments with her

18+ ITEM

Product Code

UPC: 889075636488
Barcode: 4589890600881

Product Details

Scale Size: 1/4 Scale
Series: BINDing Creator's Opinion
Manufacturer: BINDing
Case Pack: 4 PCS
US Release Month: Feb-22
Specification: PVC・ABS・fully painted and assembledTotal height: 1/4 scaleHeight: 26cmIncluded: Heart-designed stethoscope, syringePKG Size (est):W35cm * D39cm * H21cm
Copyright: (C) 蕨野まつり
Item Code: BG60088

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